Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age can a child start lesson?

A: From experience we would recommend lessons from 6yrs old.


Q: Is there an age limit for having lessons.

A: None whatsoever. Learning any instrument at any age is fun and we welcome students of any age group from 6 years +. Our oldest student is 70 and he has found himself a band.


Q: How do I cancel a lesson?

A: If you cant make a lesson, please let your tutor know and he / she will try to arrange an alternative time. Our tutors travel to the studio to teach, so we would ask out of courtesy, you give them adequate time if cancelling, in order that they can re-arrange their schedules. For this reason, we ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice, or full lesson charge will still apply


Q: Do I need to bring my own instrument?

A: Many beginners don’t have an instrument to bring along to their lesson. This is fine, as we have guitars / bass’ / drumsticks / mics etc available at the studio, so don’t worry if you forget!


Q: Can parents sit in on lessons?

A: We understand some young children want their parents to sit in on a lesson and vice versa and we’re fine with that. However, we do find that once students are settled in and comfortable in the surroundings and have got to know their tutor, lessons are often more productive if parents are not present. We have a waiting area where you can sit and relax, or likewise, you’re welcome to leave your child and pick them up at the end of the lesson. We would ask that you return on time though, to ensure your child is not left alone, as our tutors will have further lessons to undertake with following students.

Q: Do you have any safeguarding measures?

A: CBR / DBS for each tutor are available on request. CCTV or a door window is installed in each studio to protect both student and tutors.


Q: Can we park at the studio?

A: We have 3 car parking spaces allocated which are for use by our tutors. We would recommend you park in either South Street car park or Rushton’s Yard car park which are both within 2 a minutes walk of the studio.

Q: Can I hire out a studio to practice?

A: We rent out studios at £8 per hour for individual practice and £12ph / £15ph depending on which room when more than one person, ie duo’s / bands.


Q: Can we make block payments for lessons?

A: This is fine. Please arrange with your tutor. Please note cancellation policy still applies re cancelling within 24 hour


Q: How do I pay for my lesson.

A: Please pay your tutor by cash, cheque or bank transfer at the end of each lesson, or if paying in block, prior to agreed amounts of lessons.

Q: What happens if I forget my money for payment?

A: This is not a problem and you can transfer the money after the lesson or make arrangements with your tutor. Please note that if 3 or more lessons elapse without payment, your tutor may refuse further lessons and move a new student into your agreed weekly time slot.


Q: Do you teach gradings and exams syllabus?

A: Yes. Should a student wish to undertake grades, we generally teach from the Rockschool syllabus, but are equally happy to teach from alternative syllabus’. As a Rockschool exam centre, students will benefit by taking their exams in the familiar surrounds of our studio.


Q: Do students keep same time slot every week?

A: Yes, where practical. We understand people have busy lives or work shifts and as long as we receive adequate notice (minimum 24 hours), we will attempt to rearrange your lesson time. Cancellation policy applies if you advise you cannot make a lesson with less than 24 hours, assuming it can not be re-arranged.


Q: Can we arrange additional lessons, especially leading up to exams.

A: Yes. However, depending on availability of tutors, with your agreement, a different tutor may need to carry out the lesson.